N52te-only input and typing.

N52te keypad may be used as a full substitute for keyboard and mouse. With covered ~60% of a Windows-laptop keyboard, it’s possible to boot, change BIOS and boot-loader setting, log-in and manipulate PC. The layout bellow covers typing and simple scripting. In addition, an on-screen virtual keyboard may help to cover 100% of input.
The DPad in Blue mode uses a macros and OS’s ability to change an interpretation of the numeric pad (Num Lock) , to work as a mouse:
The Scroll Wheel up, down and middle-click changes Green, Blue and Red modes correspondingly. In other modes DPad helps to navigate:
After reconfiguration, N52te works in any operating system and does not require any additional software.

Belkin n52te as a mouse

Tutorial: how to configure Belkin n52te as a mouse.
1) In the n52te utility adjust D-pad keys as follow:

UP: Y-axis right (Di Axis Down -> Mouse Y axis);
RIGHT:  X-axis left (Di Axis Up -> Mouse X axis);
DOWN: Y-axis left (Di Axis Up -> Mouse Y axis);
LEFT: X-axis right (Di Axis Down -> Mouse X axis);

All others:Disabled;

2) Apply Changes

Belkin n52te utility has no  mouse sensivity options,
so adjust it manualy at Windows registry:

3) Regedit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Mouse/razer/

String Value “MouseSensitivity”  = 20;
String Value “MouseSpeed” = 2;
String Value “MouseThreshold1” =  2;
String Value “MouseThreshold2” = 6;

4) Reboot, open the n52te utility and change maps several times.


That’s all, new settings should be loaded.