Android device backup

To perform Android system  backup you need ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and
drivers for your specific device:

1) Install your device’s drivers;
2) Download and install ADB (included in Android SDK for example);

3) Activate USB debugging on your device;AndBackup_devtools2

4) Check if your device has been recognized by the system:

adb devices

5) Perform a backup:

adb backup -apk -obb -shared -system -allAndBackup_backup

6) And allow the backup process on your device.

press “Back up my data”AndBackup_allow

7) If you would like to unpack your backup, bellow software’ll be needed.

Android Backup Extractor (abe.jar);

JRE (java);

If you have an encrypted backup file, you’ll need more tools. The procedure is described in the README file of ABE.

In console:

java -jar abe.jar unpack <YourBackup.ab> <NemaForExtract.tar>AndBackup_unpack

8) To restore:

adb restore <file.ab>