Dynamic resizing of Youtube videos.

Visible screen area on modern devices changes dynamically in corresponding to the screen size, presence of a virtual keyboard, widgets etc.

To watch videos from Youtube’s website with dynamically adjusting width and height in Firefox:

0) Install Firefox;

1) Install Firefox plugin – Greasemonkey;

(Firefox menu -> Plugins -> Search for Greasemonkey -> Install button -> Restart FF).

2) Download Resizer file from GitHub.

3) Drag and drop “YoutubeVideoResizer..user.js” file or press “Install Script” at a new Firefox page,

4) A dialog of the installation should appear. Press the “Install” button and “OK” in a popup dialog.Screenshot (19)_edited5) Open any Youtube video and click Greasemonkey button on the main toolbar. You’ll see an active “User Script Commands…” option (if not – reload the page). Click “Resize video” to activate and click again to disable the dynamic mode.youtuberesizer