Solving the USB-HDD “turns off” problem (particular case)

Recently, TS120GSJ18M had started to turn off on a high-load (data transfer). After several failed tries to copy large files (>4 GB) it had been disassembled and inspected:HDD_dis_1

Inside the case: The circuit-board based on the JM20335 LGAA1C chip (USB to PATA bridge) connected to the MK1231GAL drive (ZIF socket). HDD_dis_2

The board testing revealed no issues.HDD_dis_3
The assumption in a cable’s issue – the flexible flat cable was flipped upside down and the HDD works great now.

Converting g2m (Go2Meeting) files

To be able to convert g2m file to another format, first it should be converted to mpeg compatible file:

  1. Download g2m codec;
  2. Find two files: g2mtranscoder.exe and G2M.dll in the codec’s installation folder;
  3. Perform in the command line: g2mtranscoder.exe source=your_file.wmv.

This utility has no visible windows, so only signs of its work – the presence of g2mtranscoder in the Task Manager and processor’s high load.
Attention! This utility changes source files.

The second way to convert as well as to fix g2m files is to use Microsoft Expression Encoder (4 sp2 ver. now). Its free to download. This is the same as what GoToConverter.exe does.

The sum of an arithmetic progression in the command line


echo off

set /a “x=0”

for /L %g in (1,1,99) do set /a “x+=%g” & echo.


Where “FOR /L” :


FOR /L %%parameter IN (start,step,end) DO command

start : The first number;
step : The amount by which the sequence is incremented;
end : The last number;

command : The command to carry out, including any
command-line parameters;

%parameter : A replaceable parameter:
in a batch file use %%G (on the command line %G)