Android device backup

To perform Android system  backup you need ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and
drivers for your specific device:

1) Install your device’s drivers;
2) Download and install ADB (included in Android SDK for example);

3) Activate USB debugging on your device;AndBackup_devtools2

4) Check if your device has been recognized by the system:

adb devices

5) Perform a backup:

adb backup -apk -obb -shared -system -allAndBackup_backup

6) And allow the backup process on your device.

press “Back up my data”AndBackup_allow

7) If you would like to unpack your backup, bellow software’ll be needed.

Android Backup Extractor (abe.jar);

JRE (java);

If you have an encrypted backup file, you’ll need more tools. The procedure is described in the README file of ABE.

In console:

java -jar abe.jar unpack <YourBackup.ab> <NemaForExtract.tar>AndBackup_unpack

8) To restore:

adb restore <file.ab>

Install Steam to any location.

To install Steam on your USB flash or in any another originaly unsupported location, follow bellow instructions.

1) Download an original Steam installer (SteamInstall.msi);
2) Unpack the downloaded installer by using UniExtract for example.
3) Copy Steam folder from the extracted to any location you want.
4) Run Steam.exe from the copied folder.

After that Steam will update (it’ll take some time).steamIns_upd
Also it will ask for service installation.steamInst_serv

5) Run it once more.

GK802 Intro.

GK802 is a feature packed Mini PC based on the quad core Freescale i.MX 6 SoC. It has many advanced features, including:GK802_top
– Vivante GC2000 quad core GPU;
– Full integrated bluetooth support;
– Two(2) micro SD slots with an internal slot specifically for booting alternate OS images;GK802_downGK802_up
– Four(4) Cortex A9 cores running at up to 1.2 ghz per core;
– Both CPU and GPU manufacturers have released complete specs into public domain
– This is the first Mini PC with functional hardware acceleration in linux distros.

List of improvements and configs:

1) Recompiled bootloader;GK802_bottom
2) Modded videodriver;

3) Booting from the external microSD;
4) Ubuntu 12.04 (arm) installed;
5) Wi-Fi auto connect on boot and reconnect on failure;
6) SSH server;
7) autostart supressed;
8) VNC server;GK802_left

9) Active cooling had been installed;